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Customer Focused

Cecuri is wholly focused on our customers and their security needs.

Simplified Reporting

Simply providing a report based upon some software tools and a questionnaire is just not enough to ensure that our customers get the results that they need from an engagement with us.

Holistic Approach

Customers come to us for a holistic and complete view of their technology security landscape and to ensure that all areas of security are addressed rather than just a select few.

Personalised Results

We also confirm our findings personally rather than relying completely on automated tools so that false positives are eliminated and we can cater to each organisation’s unique requirements.

Extensive Experience

Cecuri are a technology security consulting company that, through years of industry experience, have developed a new approach to the technology security sector.

Tailored Solutions

We offer a number of engagement types to ensure our customers receive the level of engagement that best suits their needs tailored to all or specific segments of an environment.

Understand the Opportunity

Cecuri are not a product company. Our engagements are designed to work with your organisation to understand the threats that exist, what policies and procedures should be in place to mitigate them and assist in the product selection process to ensure your environment is protected.

Aligned to Industry

We align this to frameworks and legislation as they relate to your organisation to develop policies and procedures to industry standards.

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