Cyber Risk Audits

Designed for Large Enterprises

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Cyber Risk Audits

Designed for Large Enterprises

Cecuri understands the risks associated with large enterprises and offers cyber risk-based audits that combine expertise, best of breed methods and technology giving full visibility to executives and boards helping build brand reputation and consumer trust.

cecuri cyber risk audits

What are your risks?


Cyber risk is no longer solely the responsibility of the IT department. Directors and executives can be held personally liable for Cyber breaches.


Industry sectors differ in more than just regulation and compliance requirements, exposure and the types of attacks being dealt with also differ.


Without visibility on your current position, the business will be unable to have strategic direction to a more secure posture in line with business objectives.

What Cecuri Provides

Business Security

Cecuri use an array of assessments that map out and highlight areas of risk from your organisation. Internal, external, public and private information sources are audited utilising our proprietary Cecuri Security Tools showing Cyber risk for the entire organisation.

Business Experience

All the technical experience in the world does not help when the core of your business is not understood. Cecuri bring business, Cyber security and risk experience together, allowing you to use current technology to do better.

Business Communication

Cecuri understands the language and conversations that come with enterprise operations. All discussions and reports provided are communicated in a language that boards and management will understand and be able to make clear decisions from.


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Cyber Risk Audit

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