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Best for Medium Sized Organisations

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cyber health assessments

Best for Medium Sized Organisations

Cecuri understands that medium sized organisations can be at serious risk of Cyber threats. As such, we offer Cyber Health Audits that have the breadth and depth required to accurately detect areas of risk and highlight these to you in an easy to understand format.

cecuri cyber health assessment

What are your risks?


Could your business handle the financial strain of a Cyber breach? Would you be fined under current laws and would the running costs combined with fines, remediation and clean-up be enough to continue to trade?


Whether a breach causes a real cash loss or a an ongoing loss caused by reputational damage the cost to any business can be hard to quantify. What we do know however, is that a breach of any type can have real and long term effects on both business value and cash flow.


Could you still operate if all systems were held to ransom and the business stopped? Would you be able to quickly recover from a Cyber breach or be burdened with heavy business disruption?

What Cecuri Provides


Cecuri use an array of assessments that map out and highlight areas of risk from your business. Internal, external, public and private information sources are audited utilising our proprietary Cecuri Security Tools showing Cyber risk for the entire business.


A series of policies that outline an approach to the management of data. Specifically, a planned approach to facilitate an efficient and effective response to suspected or actual data breaches.


Cecuri understands the mechanics and risks associated with all types of organisations and look at current processes to identify areas of risk specific for your business with a clear path to a more secure Cyber security posture, communicated in a language both management and IT will understand.


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