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Security is fast becoming the number one agenda item for organisations of all sizes and as the digital landscape changes with the way business is conducted, it needs to be an integral part of every organisations approach to business.

Cecuri is the response to the need for organisations to understand what information security means to their business by simplifying the approach to the traditional clip board style security audit. Cecuri has invested heavily in tools and infrastructure that allows us to streamline the audit process opting for next generation processes driven by real threat landscapes.

This unique approach, combined with information security and business experience, allows the delivery of a deeper and more accurate assessment of your organisation’s actual security posture with nation state and the most persistent threat attacking capability built in. Depending on business requirements and infrastructure needs we are able to customise deliverables in which scope can vary from single narrow targets to look at items for a particular compliance framework through to holistic engagements that cover all levels of potential threat both internal and external.

From humble beginnings of a group of smart and highly qualified IT and Cyber Security professionals with expertise in information and data security to a now world class force in Cyber Security and Risk auditing, Cecuri are an independent Cyber Security company enabling an offering that is unbiased by product and vendor advice but with the breadth and depth of technical vendor knowledge to be able to give real solutions to real world business problems.

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Filling The Gap

Our goal is to return an audit report that is actionable and easy to understand from the board or risk committee through the executive team and to technology professionals alike. We draw from the traditional accountancy-based Risk and Audit discipline to articulate threats and rank these in order of necessity and priority. Technology professionals are then able to use the technical portions to develop response plans and a road-map of projects that address each item to the level the organisation is comfortable with. In essence, we aim to fill the gap between what IT people can deliver in a language that that is easy for the executive team to understand and act on.

Providing a Deeper Understanding

With a strong technology and business background, Cecuri has been able to build a solid network of Audit & Risk partners that allow us to bring you not just the technological intelligence to achieve a strong outcome but the business knowledge to apply it. While most technology security organisations focus on simple penetration testing and high-level security, our team are able to provide you with a significantly deeper understanding of the threat landscape not only as it applies to technology assets but the greater risks that can impact your organisation. We wholly believe that building a strong security foundation and culture within the organisation is key to protecting your organisation as well as being able to react to threats as they emerge.


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